Monday, December 15, 2008


The Sphinx is a great statue but there is something wrong with it. The water in the ground is making the Sphinx and the pyramids weaker and the more water that is in the ground the more the Sphinx and the pyramids get weaker. Maybe they should have built the sphinx some where else or suck up the nile dig a hole and put it some where else or take some metal or rocks and build a barrier and it. Then nothing can get in or out or built in on top of trees or made it out of gold but if they made it some body would try to steal it but how would they even fit it in a bag or put it in there coat.

The Sphinx was a good looking fellow with a nose. The rumor why the nose isn't there is the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte used it for target practice and shot it off. But if they used the nose for target practice wouldn't the whole thing be gone? And why would Napoleon and his troops even use the nose for target practice. Did they not like it, did somebody give them money to use it for target practice or they about to go to war and they needed to do some target practice. The real truth about the sphinx we don't know if the nose got shot off or it fell off over time but the sphinx is still know for not having a nose

The Sphinx was believed to have magical powers. So the Sphinx was there magician and he pulled rabbits out of its crown and made things disappear...just kidding. They also believed that the Sphinx was the guardian to the underworld. So the Sphinx was like the judge and the jury choosing whether they go to the underworld or the after life. But why would they trust an inanimate object to be a guardin some a robber could just walk in and steal something and no body will know?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Great Sphinx is located in Giza near Cario and was design by King Khafra for King Khufu. And why would some body waste there valuable time on something for a dead guy that he won't even see. The Sphinx has the had of King Khufu but he has the body of a lion. Why did they pick the lion? Was it his favorite animal or did they think the lion had mystical powers. Its wierd how the egyptians would make these statues for peolpe and the person would never see the design for it, see people building it,touch it or even breath on it. And why would they waste there precious elments on a dead person if I were them I would use that stuff for something important like building a house, making a storage place, building casinos so i can be the riches person in egyptian just kidding but really they should have use that stuff for better things